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Welcome to Raising Retrievers.com

Welcome to Raising Retrievers.com

Posted: January 15, 2012 by thomas   -   No Comments

Dog has always been mans best friend, and for centuries this has held strong grounds. As pet lovers or dog owners, we treat our pooches more than just pets or animals, they infact become family. Our pets, especially dogs bond and blend with our daily lifestyles, not asking for anything more than attention and love. Most counselors till today ask patients who suffer from various chronic health issues and mental health issues to adopt a “service dog”, why? Because there are various benefits to having one around, relieving pressure and stress from the body and mind is one of them.

When you look into the deep dark eyes of a dog, you are encountered with the unconditional love he or she has for you. There is a certain feeling of warmth and love which every dog has in his or her eyes. They are loving, kind, obedient and very loyal and faithful. The master’s word is what they depend on and sometimes would even lay down their lives to protect their masters and the families they live with.

Throughout history we have read and learnt why dogs have been around and domesticated for various needs over time. Today we would like to welcome you to our site, which is one of a kind. A site which helps you give back to your loving pets more love, more care and more of everything nice and positive, more than what they actually deserve. Come join us along on the journey of loving and giving, for that’s what our lovely dogs have taught us all through life.

We talk about the Golden retriever and the Labrador retriever on our sites. Both the breeds are unique and individualistic, not to forget, they both are bundles of joy to have around. The dogs are friendly and known to be well behaved and sociable with one and all they meet and encounter everyday. Not only that, if you put them to test for devotion and obedience, you would be surprised, for they would exceed your expectations. They are very sporting and would love to run around all day, keeping you entertained and happy. The breeds we mentioned would tell you upfront when they are not happy through their behavior.

The Golden retriever and the Labrador retriever both need to be kept in good shape, which means they want you to take them out for their daily walks without fail. This is a good idea for you as well, especially if you have been thinking of losing all that holiday weight. When you train the Golden retriever and the Labrador retriever, you would see that they are quick learners and would exceed all your expectations as fast as possible. Remarkable as they are, most call the Golden retriever and the Labrador retrievers little angels from heaven. They enjoy playing games and love to play “Fetch and Carry”.

Once again, we welcome you to our site which talks all about and everything you would like to know and read on the Golden retriever and the Labrador retriever. Do hop in and woof around with our little angels, for they sure are wagging their tails in happiness seeing you around!

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